Oscillating Foil Turbine


Oscillating foil – as a mimic of whale flukes and shark fins - is an alternate propulsion device to propellers. This technology has been applied for micro-aerial vehicles and marine vehicles. Traditionally, horizontal axis turbines are predominantly used for wind and tidal energy generation due to their higher power production compared to vertical axis ones. The application of a dual-foil dynamic WIG (Wing-In-Ground) effect turbine, WIGT (Wing-in-ground effect turbine) for short, was developed and its renewable energy performance and characteristics were investigated and compared to traditional ones mentioned above. It was found that WIGTs have some outstanding advantages such as large power capacity under confined profile height on land or in shallow waters, power generation capability for low speed inflow, environmental friendly operation and better flow characteristics

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing, or for further development through a collaborative research agreement with NRC. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID # 12315

Market applications

Shipping sector, Defence sector, Personal watercraft sector.

How it works

Recent turbine research and development work on renewable energy technology development and innovation has shown how a substantial wing-in-ground effect can be used to improve efficiency of oscillating foil turbines, using a foil designed to create lift in a fluid flow, the foil having a chord of a given length. A wing-in-ground effect (WIG) application for oscillating turbine is introduced and the systematic development of a novel WIG oscillating foil turbine conceptual design is shown.


  • WIG turbine produced 1.73 times as much annual energy as an HATT.
  • The use of trapezoidal pitch control produces 1.44 times as much power.
  • Dynamic WIG effect produces 1.42 times as much energy.
  • WIG turbine has high power capacity in shallow and low speed waters.
  • WIG turbine is more environmental friendly.


NRC file number 12315: https://www.google.com/patents/US20130216381 Patents pending in Canada, USA, Europe, South Korea


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