Orthomode transducer


This invention relates in general to radio-frequency electromagnetic waveguide devices for polarization mode separation or recombination and, in particular, to an orthomode transducer design that is easy to fabricate and assemble with high precision and can be scaled for frequencies above 30 GHz to at least 500 GHz. This design is advantageous for low-cost manufacturing of a compact and broadband waveguide orthomode transducer.

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing. There is an opportunity for this invention to be developed for particular applications and for demonstration of the final product through a collaborative research project. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID: 12107

Market applications

Orthomode transducers are used for polarization discrimination of incident electromagnetic radiation and are applicable, for example, within the fields of information and communication, medical, and security related applications. The device would have broad application in areas requiring the operability specifications demonstrated as identified in the patent.

How it works

It was discovered that excellent quality orthomode transducers can be produced in a manner such that the assembly primarily requires a 2-dimensional alignment (as opposed to high precision alignment in 3-dimensions), thus reducing machining complexity. The orthomode transducer uses a turnstile and two E-plane Y-junctions as the junctions for the orthomode transducer. These modifications ensure that sensitive features, e.g., the turnstile junction and Y-junctions, can be provided on one surface of one part, as opposed to being defined at an interface between multiple parts.


  • Higher quality polarization duplexer or polarization discrimination
  • All-metal design that is cryogenically compatible
  • No additional assembly features required, e.g., shorting pins or a septum is not required
  • May be scaled for other waveguide frequency bands


NRC file 12107


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