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Targeted industries

Aerospace, Automotive and surface transportation, Construction, Marine.


Research facility highlights

NRC offers six wind tunnels located in Ottawa, Ontario, to support industry, government and university clients. Projects are normally of a customized nature, and extensive efforts are applied to derive innovative approaches in instrumentation, software and operations.


What we offer

Our wind tunnels are home to aerodynamics experts that provide services to clients in the aviation industry, as well as non-aeronautical applications such as bridges, tall buildings and surface vehicles. We have been involved with wind-loading studies for some of the world's major structures and are recognized worldwide for our surface vehicle aerodynamics expertise.

Sophisticated computational fluid dynamics tools coupled with high-quality and efficient wind tunnels provide cost-effective support for research and product development. We apply analytical, computational and experimental approaches to problems associated with flight vehicles operating in a broad spectrum of environments, from micro air vehicles at very low speeds to slender bodies in supersonic flight to rotorcraft in highly turbulent environments and to prototypes in an icing cloud. NRC wind tunnels are ready for your challenges.

Our facilities include:

Why work with us

NRC has recognized expertise in wind tunnel correction methodologies, pressure sensitive paint technology, model deformation measurement capability and flow mapping. Our world-renowned team includes aerodynamicists, flight engineers and business experts that will support your research initiatives with professional services and industry know-how. Working in our unique facilities to test, validate and demonstrate your product provides a controlled environment to de-risk new and experimental products with reliable data that will be critical in the large-scale or commercial development of your product.

We also have prominent competencies in:

  • Aeroacoustic measurement, testing and evaluation, which can determine three dimensional sound fields generated by a model in a wind tunnel;
  • Flight vehicle aerodynamics;
  • Ground vehicle and ground-based structures aerodynamics;
  • Icing formation, detection and mitigation, including a significant capability to experimentally and numerically study the effects of icing on the performance of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and cables; and,
  • Sports aerodynamics, preparing athletes with critical data that can maximize speed and performance.


We offer fee-for-service testing in all of our wind tunnel testing facilities at competitive rates that include the support of technical experts, research officers and engineers. Depending on the nature of a client's request, we also offer research and business opportunities that can translate into collaborative agreements or consortia work. Contact us to discuss your options and develop a customized plan to fit your technology needs.


Dean Flanagan, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-990-8319

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