Reverberant acoustic chamber

Unique in Canada, the NRC's reverberant acoustic chamber is a specialized, high-intensity noise testing facility that is used for testing full-size aerospace components at high levels of sound pressure field.

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What we offer

The NRC's noise testing facility operates two reverberation chambers. The small acoustic chamber measures 4.6 m x 4.6 m x 3.1 m and can supply a sound pressure level greater than 120 dB. The larger facility, with dimensions of 6.9 m x 9.75 m x 7.98 m is able to generate overall sound pressure levels up to 158 dB through the use of Wyle WAS3000 airstream modulators and gas jets supplied by dry compressed air. The closed-loop controller analyzes and controls the noise level in the chamber automatically to ensure accurate spectrum shaping between 25 Hz and 20,000 Hz with tight tolerances. The noise spectra in the chambers has been shaped to match specifications of the space shuttle, rocket launches, aircraft structural excitation, engine nacelle noise, unsteady turbulent airflows and other specifications. The high bay preparation area is a class 100,000 clean room facility with humidity and temperature control to handle large test articles.

Other aeroacoustic research related to the reverberant chambers includes:

  • acoustic fatigue studies on aircraft components
  • measurement of propeller noise transmission
  • noise generation concepts and associated consulting

Why work with us

Our acoustic facilities are registered to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and produce quality test results that continually exceed our clients' expectations. Our experienced, professional and dedicated research staff is on hand to support clients' testing requirements from start to finish, from design of experiments to the creation of reports. Testing is tailored to our clients' projects, and we customize testing approaches and assist our clients in interpreting results.


We offer fee-for-services testing that includes the support of researchers, technical experts and engineers. Depending on the nature of the client's request, we also offer research and business opportunities that can translate into collaborative agreements or consortia work. Contact us to discuss your options and develop a customized plan to fit your technology needs.

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