Medical devices research facilities

The NRC works with industry and clinical clients and collaborators to develop medical devices aimed at saving lives, reducing health care costs and benefiting the Canadian economy. We operate a wide variety of research facilities for use in human, preclinical, tissue/fluid and nano-related studies.

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What we offer

The NRC's Medical Devices Research Centre provides R&D solutions for healthcare clients by offering direct access to advanced scientific infrastructure and expertise in medical diagnostic technology development and commercialization. The core technical competencies needed for diagnostics development include sample preparation, detector systems and methods, fabrication, integration and packaging, materials properties expertise, computer simulation and haptics technologies, and sensing technologies.

Boucherville facility

Our Boucherville site focuses on the development and transfer of easily deployable medical devices through innovations in software, materials and manufacturing. We provide an agile and business-oriented prototyping culture that effectively bridges clinical ideas to industry. Our integrated 300m2 laboratory infrastructure combines medical device development, prototyping and testing capabilities for high realism, real-time virtual simulation founded on biological tissue models and processing, components assembly and characterization of synthetic biomaterials.

Winnipeg facility

Our Winnipeg facility focuses on non- or minimally invasive technologies that reduce or eliminate hospital stays, diagnose early stage disease, and allow for intervention or improved treatment. The NRC's medical photonics team employs optical methods such as infrared (IR), near-infrared, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging that can be used for in vivo medical intervention and surgery. Besides focusing on cardiovascular applications, the team is actively developing dental and cardiovascular applications using Raman and optical coherence tomography (OCT) technologies.

Why work with us

We provide solutions to the complex R&D needs of diagnostics healthcare clients, offering direct access to advanced scientific infrastructure and expertise in medical diagnostic technology development and commercialization. We deploy these resources to assist Canadian firms in reaching the global market place with medical devices that save lives, improve quality of life, reduce health care costs and benefit the Canadian economy.


The NRC offers an array of R&D facilities and access to highly specialized scientific and commercialization expertise. Contact us to develop a customized, fee-for-service plan to meet your R&D challenges.

Targeted industries

Canadian medical device industry, in collaboration with clinicians, hospitals, other health care providers and health care administrators.

Contact us

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