Laser processing and surface modification facility

The NRC laser processing and surface modification facility is strategically located in the South Western Ontario manufacturing hub. It develops, demonstrates and implements advanced manufacturing technologies in the area of additive manufacturing as well as specialty coatings and microfabrication. Our facility is available to companies and other clients on a fee-for-services basis or for collaborative research and development projects.

New: Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub for more collaborative projects.

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What we offer

The NRC offers your company an excellent opportunity to develop high-value products and value-adding technologies and surface functionalities using unique and advanced manufacturing processes such as laser consolidation, laser cladding, high-precision (+/-1µm) multi-axis micromachining/texturing (cutting and laser ablation), laser polishing and specialty coatings.

Why work with us

Capitalizing on decades of extensive research and development, NRC experts can provide your company with a competitive advantage through access to knowledge-based technologies, worldclass expertise, and state of the art facilities. Building on our past success, we are committed to work with you to enhance performance, improve fabrication processes, and add new product functionalities.

Targeted industries

Automotive, aerospace, tooling, defence.

Contact us

David Fraser, Business Advisor
Telephone: 519-430-7095


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