Hygrothermal performance of buildings testing facilities

The National Research Council (NRC) hygrothermal performance testing facilities were developed with industry in mind. Offering a variety of testing facilities and settings, users are able to effectively evaluate energy-efficient and cost-effective building systems and technical solutions in realistic indoor and outdoor environments.

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What we offer

Located on the NRC Ottawa Campus, our facilities include: several full-scale wall and window chambers; a fully instrumented test house; comprehensive roofing facilities; and specialized concrete laboratories where we are able to simulate real-world environmental conditions.

Specifically, we offer:

  • an envelope environmental exposure facility incorporating an automated environmental chamber simulating interior and exterior climatic over an extended period of time
  • a guarded hot box environmental test facility used by wall system and insulation manufacturers to determine the thermal resistance, or "R-value", of their products; and
  • a dynamic roofing facility (one of the largest testing tables in the world) used to help manufacturers who want to evaluate their products' performance under high winds

Why work with us

In addition to an array of world-class facilities, we offer you our broad spectrum of expertise combined with the benefit of a one-stop, customizable testing location for your systems and technologies. Our ability to simulate a large array of interior and exterior climatic conditions over an extended period of time (providing valuable proven results) can be invaluable: allowing you to effectively and quantifiably evaluate a product's performance in a variety of environments.

The result? Working with us ensures your energy-efficient systems and building technologies have completed the testing and evaluation required to meet the performance standards for industry certification and labeling required to support successful market penetration.


Our hygrothermal performance facilities are available on a competitive fee-for-service basis. Please contact us for more information.

Targeted industries

Construction, information and communication technologies.

Contact us

Chris Pezoulas, Business Advisor (acting)
Telephone: 613-993-9502

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