Fire safety testing facility

At the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) our fire safety testing facilities were designed to support Canadian industry, government and academia in fire resistance research, technology development and testing. Today, we continue to work with the construction, transportation, aerospace, and automotive industries in our world-class facilities: advancing technologies for improving the fire safety of buildings and transportation systems, enhancing fire detection and suppression systems, and reducing the risks and costs of fire in Canada - all at market competitive prices.

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What we offer

Our fire safety testing facilities are adaptable to a wide range of testing needs to meet industry and association standards, or for conducting custom tests for research and development purposes.

Ottawa facilities

In Ottawa, our column, floor and wall test furnaces are capable of performing standard and non-standard tests in accordance with most international fire test standards. The most recent addition to the fire safety facilities, the intermediate-scale furnace, has proven to be a versatile development tool for clients.

Mississippi Mills facilities

At our Mississippi Mills location, the fully instrumented Burn Hall and 10-storey Smoke Tower complex (with full-sized stair, elevator and service shafts), allow for a wide variety of full-scale fire scenarios to test fire detection, fire suppression, smoke movement and smoke management systems and to test the fire performance of building materials and systems. The three-storey test facility built inside the Burn Hall can accommodate full-scale fire tests on exterior wall assemblies. A tunnel facility is also available for testing transportation-related issues such as tunnel fires and explosions. The tunnel facility can accommodate a full-size rail or subway car. Please note that that research testing is presently suspended at the National Fire Laboratory location in Mississippi Mills. To discuss options for testing full-scale fire scenarios using the National Research Council's expertise, please contact Chris Pezoulas at 613-993-9502 or

In addition to our Ottawa and Mississippi Mills facilities, on-location testing is also available. Please contact us to find out more.

Why work with us

At the NRC we recognize that a one-size fits all model isn't an option and will work with you to tailor our testing array and facilities to ensure they meet your needs. You will also benefit from our on-site experts who are available to share their wealth of knowledge and experience to support your research and testing requirements - from planning through execution and analysis. Finally, we have extensive experience in bringing together key partners from academia, government and industry to support research and innovation offering you access to a broad range of resources and expertise to further your testing and development objectives.

The end result? With the NRC you will benefit from our comprehensive and customizable world-class testing facilities and our testing and research expertise.


We offer competitive fixed rate pricing for standard testing completed at our Ottawa facilities. Customized and ad hoc testing programs are also competitively priced based on individual specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

Targeted industries

Construction, transportation, aerospace and automotive.

Contact us

Chris Pezoulas, Business Advisor (acting)
Telephone: 613-993-9502

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