Entrance criteria


The Industry Partnership Facility (IPF) at NRC in Charlottetown is a technology incubator designed to provide dedicated, secure laboratory space to scientists from companies with potential to develop and commercialize natural health products and functional ingredients. Whether you are a start-up company or an established business looking to expand, NRC can help you take your innovative ideas from proof of principle to production and ultimately to the marketplace.

Entrance Criteria

Entrance criteria have been established to ensure that businesses accepted into the IPF are those which fit with NRC’s mandate and which could benefit from the facilities, equipment and research collaboration offered by the IPF in Charlottetown. In selecting an applicant for admission into the IPF, the following general criteria will be considered:

  • Significant benefit must be derived from the business' interaction with NRC. Companies should have identified an NRC researcher or researchers who they wish to collaborate with and indicate intent to enter into a collaborative research agreement with NRC within 12 months of co-locating in the IPF.
  • The business should have a clearly defined market opportunity with significant potential for sales leading to economic expansion and job creation.
  • The business should have a detailed research and development plan that indicates how they intend to develop the opportunity. In addition to the science, the plan should include a market analysis, intellectual property protection plans, funding requirements, human resource requirements, management background, and related information.
  • The business should be able to graduate from the incubator within three to five years and continue growing.
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