Biorefinery pilot plant

NRC's Biorefinery pilot plant in Montreal, Quebec is designed to test and validate the scale-up of bioprocesses, reducing the risks and costs associated with full-scale plant construction. The platform is customizable to meet our clients' project needs and process specifications, and further adapted to accommodate high temperatures and pressures. Our platform provides the health and safety infrastructure needed for the testing of reactor prototype scale-up, where toxic and flammable gasses produced are a concern.

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What we offer

Our experts can test and optimize pre-treatments (mechanical, chemical and enzymatic) and post-treatments (upgrading and polishing) for enhancing bioproduct production. Our plant is fully automated and can handle organic suspensions such as:

  • industrial waste from breweries, dairies and paper mills
  • wastewater sludge
  • agricultural wastes and crops

Why work with us

The NRC's technical experts are part of a larger multidisciplinary team and network of engineers, biologists and chemists that specialize in bioconversion of organic residues to value-added products. Together, our facilities and experts provide clients with customized solutions for process design and evaluation, operation optimization, and process instrumentation and control.

Technical specifications

  • 2,000-litre continuous stirred-tank reactor (CSTR)
  • 500-litre upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor
  • 4,000-litre refrigerated feed tank for feed storage
  • 1,000-litre pre-treatment (chemical or enzymatic) tank
  • Digestate filtration system for post-processing of the soluble fraction
  • Mechanical pre-treatment equipment (macerator)


Like our solutions, our fees are customized on a project-by-project basis. Contact us for more information.

Targeted industries

Forestry, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, municipal solid waste, utilities, systems integrators (defense, aerospace, engineering), power plant equipment manufacturers and suppliers (gas turbines, reciprocating engines, combined heat and power units), bioenergy technology developers (anaerobic digestion, gasification, pyrolysis, torrefaction).

Contact us

Jonathan Martin, Program leader, Bioenergy
Telephone: 604-221-3069


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