Aluminium Technology Centre

The NRC's Aluminium Technology Centre works with its clients and partners in the aluminium transformation industry to improve their manufacturing processes and allow them to make lighter, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly products. The centre has research facilities dedicated to aluminium transformation processes and characterizing the performance of the manufactured products.

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What we offer

The Aluminium Technology Centre provides technological solutions for its clients in the aluminium transformation sector by offering direct access to cutting-edge scientific infrastructure and expertise in assembly process development and aluminium forming. The main aluminium transformation technologies available include adhesive assembly, various welding techniques (laser welding, friction stir welding and robotic arc welding), semisolid casting, forming and extrusion, as well as techniques for evaluating mechanical resistance, environmental sustainability, and metallurgical and chemical characterization.

The large-scale laboratory, measuring nearly 1200 m2, contains oversized equipment: two robotic welding cells connected to a 10-kW laser, a friction stir welding machine, a 1000-ton forming press, and a 650-ton injection molding press.

Our facilities include:

Why work with us

The NRC offers an array of R&D facilities and access to highly specialized scientific, technical and commercialization experts. The NRC develops and transfers technologies through consortia, collaborative research contracts, services agreements and licensing arrangements, tailoring business opportunities to the needs of individual clients, partners and licensees. Contact us to develop a project to meet your R&D challenges.

The NRC's Aluminium Technology Centre scientists combine their efforts in the ALTec Industrial R&D Group devoted to vehicles weight lighting with aluminium or multi-materials components. It offers to industry members an easy access to aluminum fabrication process expertise by sharing the costs of the project.

Targeted industries

Canadian manufacturers of aluminium parts or equipment intended primarily for the transportation industry, in collaboration with major aluminium manufacturers.

Contact us

Stéphan Simard
Telephone: 418-545-5544


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