Vehicle Propulsion Technologies program

To address the challenge of improving fuel efficiency, automakers need to adopt new technologies that comply with strict government standards and increased consumer demand. The Vehicle Propulsion Technologies (VPT) program assists Canadian automotive manufacturers to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, powertrains and the use of electric and fuel cell propulsion.

Through the development of high-performance materials and mass-production manufacturing processes, the VPT program helps Canadian companies to develop the technologies they need to become leaders in the growing vehicle propulsion supply chain. It further supports the development of more environmentally responsible vehicles by providing validation and safety testing services to ease the adoption of new electrification technologies.

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If you are looking to access world-class vehicle propulsion expertise and state-of-the-art research facilities, please contact:

Eddy Zuppel, Program Leader (acting)
Telephone: 450-641-5059
LinkedIn: Eddy Zuppel

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Targeted industries

OEMs, parts and systems suppliers, raw material producers, processing companies, technology developers and integrators, system integrators.




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