Therapeutics Beyond Brain Barriers program

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) prevents almost all medicines from entering the brain and is a major obstacle in the treatment of Alzheimer's, brain cancers and other diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). The Therapeutics Beyond Brain Barriers (TBBB) program works with Canadian and international partners to overcome this challenge by deploying revolutionary carrier molecules that can penetrate the BBB and shuttle therapeutics directly into the CNS.

The program provides expertise in carrier-therapeutic conjugation and fusion, molecular modelling, biomanufacturing and preclinical evaluation that enable industry clients to design and produce CNS biotherapeutics and measure their ability to cross the barrier. The TBBB program aims to attain clinical proof of mechanism and, in the longer-term, achieve proof of concept in order to commercialize new medicines that will target and treat CNS diseases.


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Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de-risk your innovative ideas, reduce your start-up costs and accelerate your commercial development timelines.


If you're interested in developing biologics that target the CNS, coupling your molecule to NRC carriers, or accessing expertise and models to evaluate blood‑brain barrier delivery of your molecules, contact:

Danica Stanimirovic, Program Leader
Telephone: 613-993-3730

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Targeted industries

Biopharmaceutical or biotechnology with CNS pipeline, biopharmaceutical or biotechnology with pipeline that can be re‑purposed for CNS, drug delivery companies, contract research organizations.


"NRC has shown itself to be a master of a wide range of techniques, innovative, practical, patient and dedicated, and it is thanks to this that we are in a position to consider selection of a drug candidate to take forward with confidence. I would not hesitate to work with NRC again in the future".
John Connelly, VP, Regulatory Affairs and Non‑clinical Research, ApoPharma
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