Surface Technologies (Surftec) industrial R&D group

A renewed NRC initiative to advance thermal spray technology for industry needs 2018 - 2022

Following a strategic review of its value proposition, Surftec has enhanced its offerings to:

  • increased current and pressing industry driven R&D themes (such as Industry 4.0) leading to impactful project research
  • active consultation and R&D activities priority setting by members
  • NRC one-stop-shop: the largest thermal spray R&D team in Canada supported by the full range of NRC research expertise for enhanced multidisciplinary effort
  • improved confidentiality, intellectual property (IP) protection and management
  • faster R&D delivery due to experienced professionals driven to address issues and find tailored thermal spray technology solutions
  • adaptable fee structure based on member needs

In operation since 1995, the NRC Advanced Surface Technologies Industrial R&asmp;D Group, continues to lead R&D projects focusing on targeted areas to advance thermal spray technologies and aid in cost reduction, process optimization and commercialization for the industry needs.


For more information about Surftec and its current projects,

Polly-Lee Moore,Surftec Project Manager

Dr. Rogerio S. Lima, Senior Research Officer, Surftec Research Lead

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Targeted industries

Aerospace, industrial gas turbines, automotive, and oil and gas sectors.

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