Surface Technologies (Surftec) industrial R&D group

Coatings are used primarily to protect underlying materials from temperature, wear and corrosion, as well as to enhance performance of materials such as reducing friction, improving electrical insulation or conduction, improving adhesion, wettability, magnetic performance, etc. Coating applications in gas turbine engines (industrial and aerospace), landing gears, automotive, and oil & gas, primarily, sometimes require very expensive or environmentally-unfriendly manufacturing processes such as vacuum vapour deposition or large environmentally-harmful chemical baths.

Despite the cost and/or manufacturing impacts, these coatings are used because of the enormous fuel savings and/or extension of service life they provide to engine parts, landing gears and pipeline components. Thermal spray technologies provide a low-cost alternative to these processes with the promise of similar or superior results in atmospheric conditions or without the need for a chemical bath.

In thermal spray, rod, wire or powdered coating materials are typically melted using a spray torch and applied over base materials, or substrates. Flame, arc, plasma, high-velocity oxygen-fuel (HVOF) and cold spray are the major types of thermal sprays present in the market.

The NRC Advanced Surface Technologies (Surftec) Industrial R&D Group provides a cost-sharing platform for game-changing surface technology development. Just as NRC was considered one of the pioneers in Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS) technology via Surftec work in the early 2000s, it expects to continue to hold NRC's spot as a world leader in new developments in this area in the future.


For more information about the current projects, please contact us below.

Polly-Lee Moore, Surftec Project Manager
Telephone: 450-641-5219

Dr. Rogerio S. Lima, Senior Research Officer, Surftec Research Lead
Telephone: 450-641-5150

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Targeted industries

Aerospace, industrial gas turbines, automotive, and oil and gas sectors.

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