Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance

Facilitated by NRC, the Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance is an industry-led, grassroots initiative that brings together 30 Canadian companies from all levels of the supply chain in order to share ideas, collaborate on projects and develop innovative products that will revolutionize the smart textile and wearables industry.


About the Alliance

Smart textiles push the boundaries of fashion, function and technology, with the ability to communicate, collect data and even conduct energy. They can be adapted to the user's needs or condition in a variety of contexts, from sports and fitness, protection and safety and home health monitoring to chronic disease management.

Canadian companies have expertise and technology in different areas, and at different levels of the supply chain. The Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance brings these companies together to develop cutting-edge products and make important breakthroughs in smart textiles.


Thomas Ducellier
Executive Director, Printable Electronics Flagship Program
Telephone: 613-990-8069

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Targeted industries

Textile manufacturing, Healthcare, Sports and fitness, Software and application development