Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security program

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Photonics, Defence and security, Information and Communications Technologies, Natural resources, Energy, Environment


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Quantum photonics is an emerging technology that will underpin broad new advances in telecommunications and optical sensing. Shorter, more intense light pulses and quantum control over light-matter interactions enable new classes of measurement and communications solutions not possible with 'conventional' photonics technology.

Canada has both a strong photonics industry and world-leading quantum photonics science. Working with clients, the NRC Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security (QPSS) program will help translate this scientific leadership into technology development and prototypes in select high-impact applications of cyber-security, natural resources sensing and security sensing.

NRC is the largest Canadian research and technology organization with the ability and infrastructure to deploy teams of highly qualified scientists and engineers with high-level security clearance and advanced capabilities in photonics.



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