Marine Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources program

The health and prosperity of many Canadian communities and industries is intimately linked to our extensive inland and coastal waters as a source of energy, a means of transportation, a resource for human consumption and recreation and as a key input to many businesses. Within this context, the Marine Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources (MIEWR) program leverages and expands NRC's strengths in engineering, hydrodynamics, physical modelling, numerical simulation and technology development to serve the distinct needs of marine industry and government stakeholders.

The MIEWR program works closely with its clients and partners to deliver specialized research and technology development services that drive innovation in water resource management, marine infrastructure engineering and renewable energy. The program further works to develop and implement new tools for predicting and managing water availability, quality and flooding and to optimize and validate marine infrastructure designs while accelerating the commercialization of technologies to extract energy from waves and currents in rivers, lakes and oceans.


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If you're interested in partnering with NRC to collaborate on applied research and technology development advancing marine infrastructure, marine renewable energy or water resource engineering and management, please contact:

Enzo Gardin, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-991-2987
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Targeted industries

Marine infrastructure development, water resource engineering and management, marine renewable energy, offshore oil and gas, hydropower, ports and harbours, municipal, provincial and federal governments.


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