Learning and Performance Support Systems program

More than a quarter million jobs remain unfilled in Canada, mainly due to a lack of qualified candidates or other skills shortage challenges. In partnership with industry, the Learning and Performance Support Systems (LPSS) program is set to develop a technology solution that shifts the perspective from classroom to personal learning through the creation of a dynamic environment with enhanced access to learning resources when and where needed.

The LPSS program is not a single product but rather represents an evolution in learning technology from today’s proprietary closed-platform model of online learning to one that crosses organizational boundaries to create a true learning network. The program will develop an infrastructure that will facilitate the development and integration of a personalized platform technology for training, knowledge and learning management which will substantially reduce training costs and job vacancies in targeted markets.


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Dr. Rodrigue Savoie, LPSS Program Lead
Telephone: 506-861-0951
Email: Rod.Savoie@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

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Targeted industries

Oil and gas, mining, defence, communications, training companies, software systems providers in learning management