Lightweighting of Ground Transportation Vehicles program testimonials

NRC quickly and effectively supported us in solving a severe technical problem with which our company was struggling. Thanks to NRC's expertise, series of tests and suggested solutions backed by solid evidence validating expected results, we were able to advance our manufacturing processes. We were very satisfied with the results. It was our first mandate with them and certainly not the last.

Daniel Nadeau, President, Safari Condo

NRC's expertise and access to cutting-edge measuring and characterization equipment allowed us to increase our skill and understanding levels on the in-service behaviour of aluminium alloys designed for the automotive sector. NRC is the added asset we use to quickly respond to client needs and it supports our market consolidation and development activities in this field.

Joseph Langlais, R&D Casting Manager
Jerome Fourmann, Technical Services Manager, Rio Tinto Alcan

Eocycle Technologies is finalizing a wind turbine that incorporates several technological advancements. Each advancement is a challenge in itself, and as such justifies a scientific approach that leaves no feasibility questions unanswered. This was the context in which we confidently enlisted NRC to validate the complex adhesive surface process used in bonding an alternator's magnetic components, and that, according to wind turbine functional stress standards. For Eocycle, our relationship with NRC is a long term one. Over 8 projects to date. Their expertise certainly facilitated our products' development by allowing us to confidently focus on other required development areas. The end result was a great synergy and, most importantly, a product that meets state-of-the-art technology specifications.

Martin Bissonnette, Director of Operations, Eocycle Technologies

We contacted NRC to have them identify a solution to a discolouration line on extruded aluminium. After working with 3 different extruders, we found that none was able to produce the extruded aluminium without the discolouration lines. NRC accepted the mandate and found a processing method that resolved our problem. Since then, we have built a machine according to NRC's specifications and we have finally solved our problem. NRC's support helped us keep a major client and safeguard our plant jobs.

Pierre Legault, President, Inter Fonction

It is clear that NRC greatly contributed to our project. From the start, indeed from our first communication, we discerned that we were going to be working with a high-level partner who could provide solutions, technical data and advice. The NRC project leader was involved and enthusiastic. He also shared our vision in meeting our project's challenges and objectives. NRC's work vastly contributed to advancing our project. Thanks a million. We are looking forward to repeating this experience.

Marco Pilotto, CEO, BBraver

NRC enabled us to understand the nature of a surface deterioration problem caused by two metals in contact, one being aluminium. Strong currents were passing through this contact surface, which deteriorated quickly in but a few days. NRC's research results allowed us to identify the corrections required in this type of situation. The solution developed for this project was later applied to several similar situations.

Bertrand Poulin, ABB Power Products

Composites BHS has been active in the composite materials field for 20 years. We called on NRC to develop an aluminium structural assembly that would integrate aluminium into our product offering and thereby increase our company's turnover by 25%. The adhesive assembly procedure that NRC developed and assessed, combined with our large component manufacturing expertise, helped us to achieve over 30% of our sales figures from the United States. This business success was made possible thanks to the technical expertise at NRC. We wish to thank them for the vital role they play in our sector, and for their contribution to vehicles' lightweighting.

Jacques Hainse, Eng., Vice President of Development, Composites BHS

NRC helped us validate and understand corrosion's effects on the assembly of dissimilar metals. Concrete results supported by clear explanations have enabled us to develop new, lighter and less costly designs while minimizing the risks identified at the start of the project.

David Croteau, Eng., Mechanical Product Expert, Prévost

The NRC's expertise in the field of aluminum corrosion was instrumental in the development of our industry leading lightweight aluminium tank trailer designs. We would not hesitate to engage their services in the future.

Ray Strelic, P.Eng., Engineering Manager, Advance Engineered Products Ltd.

NRC support proved to be a crucial asset in improving and understanding the fundamentals of bonded joints used in TM4 products. Multidisciplinary expertise, professionalism, timely performance, state-of-the-art equipment and the credibility of NRC's work have been significant criteria for successfully establishing a heavy-duty bonding process for TM4 and its clients.

Marc-Olivier Lacerte, Eng., Thermal and Mechanical Analysis, TM4

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