Industrial Biomaterials program

With a growing demand for plastic and composite materials in the transportation and construction sectors, manufacturers are turning to industrial biomaterials derived from Canada’s plentiful biomass, including wood, lignin and agricultural fibers from plants like flax and hemp. The Industrial Biomaterials (IB) flagship program delivers a compelling value proposition by focusing on the commercial success and tangible impacts of bio-sourced industrial materials and advanced composites manufacturing.

With collaborators throughout the bioproduct supply chain, the IB program develops cost-effective and next-generation polymer resins, fibres, reinforcements and composites from non-food renewable and recyclable resources. Through the deployment of efficient manufacturing processes, the program will help Canadian companies to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products through the use of biomaterials that are cost-efficient yet which meet stringent performance requirements.


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Nathalie Legros, Flagship Program Leader
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Targeted industries

Automotive, surface transportation, construction, material supply chain


"NRC is world-renowned for their understanding and expertise in bioplastics. Working with NRC sets the stage for significant technology breakthroughs that would be unachievable if we both worked independently. It's Canadian collaboration and innovation in action."
Toby Reid, Founder & CEO, Solegear Bioplastics