Research programs and collaboration opportunities

NRC is uniquely positioned to deliver a compelling value proposition to our clients and collaborators through a focus on commercial success and tangible impacts on industrial growth. NRC encourages and engages in multiple forms of collaboration for a project. Our collaborative research projects span a very broad spectrum of activities and business structure models.

Access to NRC expertise and equipment provides our collaborators with the opportunity to accelerate their commercial development timelines, while a focus on industrial applications provides NRC with insights into commercial direction for research and technology development activities.

NRC has lengthy experience and integrity in managing confidentiality and intellectual property at the highest standards. Effective management of these critical aspects of collaborations ensures that maximum value can be generated for all parties.

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The NRC advantage

  • reduction of overall program costs through a portioning of costs inherent to R&D, leading to optimized return on investment thanks to the leverage effect;
  • outcome focus — participation in the orientation of R&D programs;
  • technology access — effective means of acquiring new technologies;
  • knowledge development — mutually beneficial interaction among members;
  • product quality — optimization of processing parameters to enhance quality;
  • expertise — technical assistance in the laboratory or plant;
  • knowledge transfer — employee training;
  • facilities — access to state-of-the-art equipment; and
  • marketing — update on developments worldwide (technological awareness).

See how through research partnerships, industry support and commercialization opportunities, industry partners can benefit from our expertise, services, facilities and licensing opportunities while increasing their own innovation potential.

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