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Canada is one of six member countries in an international partnership that built and operates the Gemini Observatory, 8.1-metre twin-optical/near infrared telescopes located in Hawaii and Chile. As Canada’s forefront facility of its kind, Gemini has materially advanced the Canadian astronomical community’s international scientific presence and influence.

NRC supports Canada’s participation in the Gemini consortium by facilitating telescope access for Canadian astronomers, and by engaging in collaborative research projects with university and other partners to realize breakthrough discoveries using the Observatory’s state-of-the-art facilities. From the design and pre-construction phase to ongoing development activities, NRC also engages industry in the development and integration of new instruments and capabilities to improve Gemini’s power and reach.


Collaboration opportunities

Scientific progress in astronomy is closely linked to technological innovation. This innovation depends on the collaborative efforts of Canadian and international partners who can together pool the significant and varied resources and expertise required to construct and operate today’s large-scale telescopes.

The collaborative Gemini projects NRC is now engaged in are focused on spectrograph and enclosure design, record-breaking fibre optics, and exoplanet surveys using the latest adaptive optics technology, to name just a few.

Technology in support of science: instrumentation projects

Telescope instrumentation is at the leading edge of technology development and NRC engages research and industry partners in the design and construction of state-of-the-art Gemini Observatory instrumentation. Working closely with Canadian companies to transfer knowledge and expertise needed to execute projects, this collaboration has spillover benefits to industrial research capabilities in adjacent aerospace and information communication technology sectors.

Many made-in-Canada Gemini instruments have enabled many striking astronomical discoveries, including successfully capturing the first image of an exoplanet system around a star. Roughly 70 percent of the observing is conducted either with the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph or using the adaptive optics facility ALTAIR, both of which were partly built at NRC. Third and fourth generation instruments are now under development, with NRC leading in concept development for a new high-resolution spectrograph.

Advancing our understanding of the universe: science projects

Canadian astronomers have used Gemini facilities and instrumentation to advance our understanding of exoplanets, pulsars, galaxy evolution at intermediate redshifts, high redshift QSOs, to name just the most-cited discoveries.


Dr. Stéphanie Côté
Telephone: 250-363-0026

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