Bioenergy Systems for Viable Stationary Applications program

Driven by national energy security priorities and regulatory measures designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global markets are seeing a growing demand for energy generated from renewable sources. The Bioenergy Systems for Viable Stationary Applications (BSVSA) program helps Canadian companies to capitalize on this opportunity by overcoming the technical and cost barriers involved in the integration of locally-sourced biomass into stationary energy (heat and power) systems.

By delivering clearly-defined cost and technical performance outcomes, the BSVSA program's research, analysis and demonstration activities will increase business revenue and market opportunities for technology developers and suppliers while reducing energy generation costs for electrical utilities and end-users. To unlock the full market potential of the bioenergy value chain in Canada, the program's resources and projects are planned through to 2018-19.


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NRC engages clients on an individual basis, and through consortia and other multi-partner collaboration models. Contact us to find out how we can work together to bring biomass into Canada's energy mix.

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Targeted industries

Forestry, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, municipal solid waste, utilities, systems integrators (defense, aerospace, engineering), power plant equipment manufacturers and suppliers (gas turbines, reciprocating engines, combined heat and power units), bioenergy technology developers (anaerobic digestion, gasification, pyrolysis, torrefaction).


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