Advanced Photonic Components program

As a growing fraction of the world adopts the internet as their primary vehicle for information, entertainment and social interaction, high-speed optical telecommunication equipment manufacturers face relentlessly increasing demands for data traffic. The Advanced Photonic Components (APC) program supports the development of photonic components that are at low- to mid-technology readiness levels and helps to de-risk new optical communication technologies being considered by the telecommunication industry.

As one of a few facilities in the world that can fabricate complex photonic chips at high yield, and as the only source in the world for indium phosphide-based quantum dot technology, the APC program leverages NRC's high-yield optical component design and fabrication capabilities to develop radically improved optical devices that are smaller, faster, more efficient, less power-hungry and more cost-effective. Research and development activities also include photonic integration, lasers, photodetectors and reliability as well as packaging and fabrication process development.


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We provide advanced photonic component engineering, testing and fabrication services, working with innovative Canadian companies to bring their new photonic technologies from the initial prototype stage through to pre-commercial production runs. If you’re interested in accessing our advanced scientific infrastructure or connecting with our experts, contact:

George Ross, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-949-3717
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