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With Canadian smelters producing more than 50% of the aluminium used in the North American market, Canada has taken a leadership role in expanding the use and acceptance of aluminium in manufactured products. The National Research Council of Canada is spearheading national research efforts for the development of innovative aluminium products for ground transportation vehicles.

ALTec industrial R&D group is a multi-client collaboration project which allows its members to share costs and risks, associated with aluminium R&D, and gain access to NRC's experts and exceptional facilities, all under one roof. ALTec's activities are focused on three areas of R&D: manufacturing of advanced aluminium components; assembly of aluminium and multi-material components; and durability and performance evaluation and solutions.


Membership in ALTec Industrial R&D Group is currently open. For more information on how to become a member, please contact:

Marie-Christine Gagnon, Project Manager
Telephone: 418-545-5214
LinkedIn: Marie-Christine Gagnon

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Targeted industries

Parts manufacturers for light-duty vehicles (cars, vans and pickups), heavy duty vehicles (buses, truck, trailers and specialized vehicles), rail industry (passenger and freight) and recreational vehicles.


"NRC helped us validate and understand corrosion's effects on the assembly of dissimilar metals. Concrete results supported by clear explanations have enabled us to develop new, lighter and less costly designs while minimizing the risks identified at the start of the project." – David Croteau, Eng., Mechanical Product Expert, Prévost

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