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Pierre Charron
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Targeted industries

Oil and gas, mining, defence, communications, training companies, software systems providers in learning management


Human-Computer Interaction is a discipline that deals not only with the design of the screens and menus, but also with building the functionality into the system. It also focuses on the consequences of using the system over time and its effects on the individual, group and company.

Human-Computer Interaction develops or improves the safety, utility, effectiveness, efficiency and usability of systems, including desktop and mobile computers and embedded systems in all kinds of devices.

We can help your business improve multi-modal interactions between users and computers or computer-based devices.

What we offer

NRC's Human-Computer Interaction team possesses a range of competencies supporting the use of computer systems by people. These competencies include workflow analysis, user interface design, human computer communication and usability.

Client services include:

  • Assessing user and client needs
  • Designing user-centered information and communications technologies
  • Developing novel technology solutions and user interactions that improve usability of information and communications technologies
  • Evaluating prototypes with users and studying technology adoption

Why work with us

We collaborate with clients and partners from industry, academia and government to develop technologies that address their technology needs. NRC offers:

  • Assessment of human-machine system performance through comparative studies
  • Cognitive modelling and other simulation interactions
  • Design and evaluation of user interface technologies
  • Establishment of user and system requirements
  • Technology and research ethics
  • Usability studies


Pierre Charron
Telephone: 613-990-0336
LinkedIn: Pierre Charron

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