GaN150 Design Kit

Software Overview

GaN is a revolutionary technology that impacts two major and distinct applications: high frequency and high power electronics. High frequency electronics, also known as RF (radio frequency) electronics, and power electronics (e.g., inverters, rectifiers and AC/DC converters).

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) offers the GaN150 Design Kit, which describes the GaN electronics fabrication service, and includes both a Design Manual and a Physical Design Kit, based on ADS software. Devices are fabricated with 0.15 micron gate length on silicon carbide substrates. The NRC provides complete fabrication processing from 3" GaN on SiC wafers through to characterization and wafer dicing.

The GaN150 Design Kit is for 0.15 micron devices which function in the default, depletion mode. This design kit is ideal for frequencies from DC up to Ka-band.

Partners can choose full wafer runs (one customer's designs only) or shared wafer runs. For academic clients, the latter service is offered in partnership with CMC Microsystems.

Target audience

  • Communications sector — wireless infrastructure electronics market
  • Energy management sector
  • Companies interested in increasing the efficiency of power supply equipment for the communications sector

Description of software

This Design Manual includes the process description and design rules for all supported devices for the gallium nitride technology and the related foundry services available through the Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre of the National Research Council of Canada. This technology is appropriate for, but not limited to, RF and microwave devices.

The GaN150 Design Kit is based on the Agilent ADS CAD tool. The minimum CAD bundle required for running the kit includes the ADS core and layout module. The design kit is compatible with ADS 2014 and earlier.

The design kit supports:

  • Schematic capture
  • Circuit simulation
  • Synchronization between the schematic and the layout
  • Design rule check (DRC)
  • Exporting layout


The software is available for free. The full license agreement must be read before downloading the software.


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