Quality of service

At the National Research Council of Canada Metrology Research Centre, employees of the Certified Reference Materials project are committed to delivering quality services in a cost effective manner. We endeavor to provide the highest service standards and the best possible service to our clients. We aim to ensure your satisfaction, abiding by the following principles:

Accessible, dependable and timely

We will make it easy for you to contact us. Our priority is dependable, prompt and accurate service delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner with your convenience in mind. We will serve you in the official language (English or French) of your choice at our designated locations.

Clear and open

We want you to understand what services are available and how you can contact us with comments and questions. We will provide clear, comprehensive and accurate billing with a choice of convenient payment options.

Fair and respectful

We will treat you fairly and courteously, recognizing your distinct needs. We will respect your legal rights and privacy. You may also consult our privacy policy for more information.

Responsive and committed to improvement

We are responsive to your needs and committed to improvement by seeking your views on how this can be accomplished. We will listen and respond to what you say and you will be treated with respect. We welcome your suggestions and comments to Biotoxins, Inorganic or Organic - they represent our opportunity to improve. Our services will be regularly reviewed and improved upon, incorporating feedback obtained from our clients. And, of course, your cooperation in providing full, accurate and timely information will help us provide you with quality service.

Service Standards

  1. Orders are processed and shipped within 5 business days of receiving all the required information from purchaser – temperature sensitive products may require longer processing time due to carrier shipping schedules
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