POTS-1: Potato Starch Reference Material for Trace Metals and other Constituents

POTS‑1 is a Reference Material prepared from food grade potato starch. Reference and information quantity values are provided in the following tables for trace metals and other constituents. The expanded uncertainty (UCRM) in the reference value is equal to U = kuc where uc is the combined standard uncertainty calculated according to the JCGM guide [1] and k is the coverage factor. A coverage factor of two (2) was applied for all elements. All listed values are expressed on a dry mass basis.

Table 1: Reference values for POTS‑1

Element Mass fraction, mg/kg
Calcium 397 ± 88
Iron 4.4 ± 1.6
Magnesium 58 ± 10
Phosphorus 663 ± 98
Potassium 417 ± 54
Sulfur 30 ± 4

Table 2: Information values for POTS‑1

Quantity Value Unit
Energy content 6150 kcal/(100 g)
Energy content 1470 kJ/(100 g)
Carbohydrates 88 g/(100 g), %
Ash 0.25 g/(100 g), %
Total fiber 0.8 g/(100 g), %
Fat 0.004 g/(100 g), %
Saturated fat 0.005 g/(100 g), %

Intended use

This Reference Material (RM) is intended for use in evaluating analytical methods and instruments used for the determination of major, minor, and trace constituent elements in potato starch and other similar food, agricultural, and biological materials. A minimum sample mass of 500 mg is recommended.

This material is intended for laboratory use, not for human consumption.


Uncertainties are estimated from the results of various laboratories using DerSimonian-Laird random effects model. They are believed to take into account the batch characterization, possible between bottle variation, and inconsistency between the various measurement methods.

Date of Issue: September 2015
Date of Expiry: September 2025
Revised: March 2016 (editorial updates)

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