Summary of Significant Proposed Changes – Fall 2017

Fire Protection (NBC Part 3 and NFC Part 5)

  • Clarification of the terminology related to emergency water supplies
  • Withdrawal of CAN/CGSB-11.3-M87, the standard for hardboard
  • Expansion of the requirements related to damaged fire separations to include other fire protection materials

Earthquake Design (NBC Part 4)

  • Introduction of options that allow designers to use either linear or log-log interpolations when determining seismic hazards for intermediate time periods
  • Removal of the redundancy regarding site coefficients and replacement of Fa and Fv with F(T)
  • Specification of a category for cladding panels in Table
  • Introduction of an exception in Table for structures with supplemental damping or seismic isolation

Environmental Separation (NBC Part 5)

  • Addition of new material standards: CAN/CSA-A123.16-04, “Asphalt-Coated Glass-Base Sheets,” and ASTM C 1280-13a, “Application of Exterior Gypsum Panel Products for Use as Sheathing”

Farm Buildings (NBC Division A)

  • Introduction of application provisions to allow farm building requirements to be moved into the NBC
  • Introduction of a new major occupancy classification: Group G, agricultural occupancy

HVAC and Plumbing (NBC Part 6 and NPC)

  • Clarification of the application of the seismic requirements in the NBC to plumbing systems addressed in the NPC
  • Introduction of PE-RT piping as an acceptable solution in the NPC

Housing and Small Buildings (NBC Part 9)

  • Harmonization of Part 3 and Part 9 requirements on fire separations between a public corridor and a space containing plumbing fixtures in a sprinklered area
  • Permission for smoke alarms between the main unit in a house and a secondary suite to be interconnected by hard-wiring or to be wirelessly interconnected

Use and Egress (NBC Part 3, and NFC Parts 2 and 6)

  • Expansion of the application of visible alarm signals to locations other than sleeping areas
  • Permission to interconnect smoke detectors, heat detectors, CO alarms, other life safety devices and remote monitoring capabilities

Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction (NBC Part 3 and NFC Part 5)

  • Introduction and definition of encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC) as a third construction type permitted for buildings up to 12 storeys in building height

Hazardous Materials and Activities (NFC)

  • Clarification of the application of Part 4 to all isolated construction projects
  • Addition of specification that bitumen kettles are not permitted inside buildings

Asbestos (NBC and NPC)

  • Removal of references to asbestos as an acceptable solution in NBC Part 3 and Part 9, and the NPC
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