Question 1:

Where do I purchase the Codes?

Answer to question 1:

The National Model Construction Codes can be purchased online via the NRC Virtual Store. You can also call the Publication Sales Department at 1 800-672-7990 or 1-613-993-2463 (Ottawa-Gatineau and outside of Canada).

Question 2:

Will the delivery of the Codes be faster if I order them through the NRC Virtual Store?

Answer to question 2:

No. All orders are processed in the order they are submitted. Codes are usually delivered within 2 weeks. However, if they are out of stock, it could take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Question 3:

The 2010 National Building Code is sold in two volumes. Can I purchase only Volume 1?

Answer to question 3:

No, the volumes are not sold separately. The reason is that both volumes are required to understand and use the Codes’ requirements. Please note that the distribution of code material in each 2010 volume is different than in the 2005 editions. Volume 1 contains Division A (compliance options, objectives and the functional statements) and Division C (administrative provisions) as well as related appendices and all attribution tables. Volume 2 contains Division B (acceptable solutions) and its related appendices as well as the index. The appendices offer pertinent explanations to help users understand and apply the Codes’ requirements.

Question 4:

Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one Code?

Answer to question 4:

The following discounts are offered for the 2010 Codes at time of purchase:

  1. A 10 % discount on a minimum order of 10 copies of same printed document; and
  2. A 15% discount if you order one of the following combinations:
    • Three or more different 2010 Codes in the same print or downloadable PDF format
    • Three or more different 2010 Codes in the 1-year online subscription format
    • Three or more different 2010 Codes in the 5-year online subscription format
    • At least one print copy of a Code (binder or soft cover) combined with either the downloadable PDF (off-line) format or the 5-year onine subscription.

Question 5:

The Codes are available in printed formats. Can they also be viewed online on the Web?

Answer to question 5:

The National Model Construction Codes are available for viewing on the Web on a 10-day, annual, or 5-year subscription basis. The online subscriptions are offered for single and concurrent users. Visit the NRC Virtual Store for more information.

Question 6:

Are CD ROMs and User's Guides available? If not, when will they be available?

Answer to question 6:

Electronic versions of the 2010 National Model Construction Codes are available as downloadable PDF documents (single user only), which replace the CD-ROM versions of the code documents. Online subscriptions are also offered.

Three User's Guides are, or soon will be, available. The User’s Guide – NBC 2010, Structural Commentaries (Part 4 of Division B) was published in 2011. In 2014, it was followed by the User’s Guide – National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011. The Illustrated User's Guide – NBC 2010 Part 9 Housing and Small Buildings is expected to be released by end of January 2015.

The intent statements pertaining to the 2010 National Building, Fire and Plumbing Codes and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 are available, free of charge, on the NRC website under National Model Construction Codes and Guides/Provincial Codes, as are the application and intent statements for the 2005 National Building, Fire and Plumbing Codes. The application statements for the 2010 Codes have not been updated as the CCBFC has discontinued their publication.

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