Question 1:

Why should I pay? Aren’t the Codes a regulation?

Answer to question 1:

Codes Canada publications are model documents only. They do not become a regulation unless they are adopted by an authority having jurisdiction. The policy on public access to acts and regulations differs in each jurisdiction. You should contact your province or territory for specific information in your area.

Question 2:

Why can’t the 2010 Codes be free if published on the Web?

Answer to question 2:

The information the Codes contain is developed at great expense (e.g. participation of hundreds of experts in committee meetings, research and studies, administrative and technical support), which is funded in large part from the sale of the Code documents (either in hard copy or electronic versions) and by NRC.

Question 3:

Why has the price of the Codes gone up?

Answer to question 3:

The price for each Code edition is set by NRC in consultation with the provinces and territories. Price increases are necessary to cover accumulated inflation, increased code development and updating activity, and new code products development. Code prices normally remain fixed over each five-year code cycle. For the 2015 Code cycle, NRC introduced lower online subscription in order to provide economical options for clients, to encourage use of the electronic options that ensure access to the most up-to-date information at all times, and in order to model environmental stewardship. NRC also offers several economical alternatives so that Code users have a choice depending on their requirements. The options available include student discounts, bulk discounts, and short term online subscription rates ideal for reference. The Codes may also be available for viewing at local municipal building offices or local libraries.

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