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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

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Aslam Ibrahim
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Fields of calibration

  • Ionizing Radiation

SCC accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025)

  • Accredited Laboratory no 844
  • First Issued : 2016-11-16
  • Issue 3.0e 2018-08-28

This scope of calibration capabilities is published by the CLAS program of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in close co-operation with the laboratory accreditation program of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Canada's accreditation body for calibration and testing laboratories. The SCC accredits the capability of the named laboratory for being able to perform the listed calibrations at the given Calibration Measurement Capability (see Supplementary note C and note D) with traceability to the International System of Units (SI) or to standards acceptable to the CLAS program.

Measured Quantity & Range or Instrument Calibration and Measurement Capability expressed as an Uncertainty (±)
(See supplementary notes)
Type of Service Remarks
Ionizing radiation

Reference gamma ray beam,

1.4 µSvh-1 to 2.0 µSvh-1
8.6 % II

CNSC instruction I500.2.QCINSC and IAEA Safety Reports Series No.16: 2000, Section 3.4.2, Page 30. ;ANSI N323A-1997

>2.0 µSvh-1 to 5.0 µSvh-1
6.5 %
>5.0 µSvh-1 to 10.0 µSvh-1
>10.0 µSvh-1 to 20.0 µSvh-1
2.3 %
>20.0 µSvh-1 to 600.0 mSvh-1
2.2 %

Reference ion chamber,

0.85 mGyh-1
2.2 % II

Calibration of the Ion chamber with an electrometer. CNSC instruction I500.2.WORKSD; IAEA Technical Report Series No. 374, Section 9, Page 63.

>468 mGyh-1
2.2 %

Electronic Personal Dosimeters,

150 µSv to 10 Sv
5.0 % II

CNSC instruction I500.2.DM2000 and IAEA Safety Report Series No. 16: 2000; ANSI N323A-1997

Field gamma survey instrument, Cs-137

1.4 μSvh-1 to 600 mSvh-1
9.0 % II

CNSC procedure P500 and IAEA Safety Report Series No. 16: 2000; ANSI N323A-1997

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