International relations

Export support

CCMC's role in the export and international markets is to contractually provide technical credibility to Canadian industry's efforts. The CCMC works with its counterparts in other countries to identify appropriate assessment requirements and determine the most effective means of obtaining acceptance of Canadian construction-related products.


As a founding member of the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisations (WFTAO), the CCMC supports the Federation's mission "to enhance and promote the role of Technical Assessments of innovative and non-standardised systems and products in the construction field worldwide." The WFTAO is an independent worldwide federation dedicated to facilitating the transfer of innovative building products to the global marketplace. It comprises 24 organizations from 21 nations, including assessment agencies from the three major trading areas: the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Other organizations involved in the technical assessment of innovative and non-standardized products for the construction industry are encouraged to join.

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