Introductory information

Note: The Applicant refers to the party applying for a CCMC evaluation, usually the product manufacturer, a major component supplier or a Canadian distributor of the product.

  1. CCMC evaluates construction products with respect to their demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, Provincial Building Codes, applicable standards, and other performance criteria as requested by the Applicant or identified by CCMC. Compliance is determined on the basis of current engineering knowledge using the results from recognized testing methods where such methods are published and from other methods as the particular situation warrants.
  2. The evaluation work is carried out on a fee-for-service basis only pursuant to a standard contract which must be signed by both parties. The contract will specify the work to be done, terms and conditions, the time schedule and the cost estimate.
  3. It should be noted that CCMC is not a testing organization. Testing, which is normally required to demonstrate compliance to codes and standards, must be conducted by laboratories recognized by CCMC for the particular product application. Testing arrangements with the CCMC-recognized laboratories must be made directly by the Applicant.
  4. CCMC's policy is to not duplicate industry-supported conformity assessment programs offered by other organizations. If the product for which a CCMC evaluation is sought is of a particular type that is already the subject of an industry-supported conformity assessment program, the Applicant will be referred to the organization offering such program.
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