Fee schedule

CCMC evaluation work is carried out on a fee-for-service basis. Fees listed here are for information purposes only. Exact fees, service terms and conditions will be specified in an agreement which must be signed by both the client and the CCMC.
All fees are listed in Canadian Dollars. They are subject to change without notice, at sole discretion of the CCMC.

Evaluation and listing services

Note: The fees listed below are in effect as of February 3, 2017.

Evaluation Report
FeeFootnote 1
Product Assessment Fee $3,000Footnote 2
Technical Guide preparation VariesFootnote 3
New Evaluation Report $11,750
Re-Evaluation of a Report $8,250
Minor technical modification of ReportFootnote 4 $2,250
Revision of a Technical Guide VariesFootnote 3
Evaluation Listing
FeeFootnote 1
New Evaluation Listing $6,500
Re-evaluation of a Listing $4,750
Certified product $1,750
Minor technical modification of ListingFootnote 4 $1,500
New evaluation Directive/Preface VariesFootnote 3
EXTRA SERVICES (if applicable): FeeFootnote 1
Test results from non-recognized lab $1,250
Additional product/item under same CCMC Number $700
Quality control review $1,250
Additional manufacturing plant/licensee $700


Footnote 1

New evaluations and re-evaluations are valid for three years. These fees are in Canadian funds, do not include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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Footnote 2

The product assessment fee is non-refundable.

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Footnote 3

The cost of preparing a Technical Guide or Evaluation Directive is dependent on the resources required by CCMC. Newly developed Technical Guides are exclusively available to the original funding clients for a period of 3 years. Additional clients may be provided access and use of the New Technical Guide for a fee.

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Footnote 4

There is no charge for editorial modifications.

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