Application for a new CCMC evaluation/modification

The CCMC application form is once again available online, and has been upgraded to an easy to use format. Please follow the link below to access the form. For any inquiries or for support, please contact us.

CCMC application forms can be used to request:

  • evaluation of a new product
  • modification of an existing evaluation, or
  • creation of a new CCMC# (private label) for a third party that re-labels a product from an existing CCMC#.

An application to have a new product evaluated allows us to determine whether you qualify for a CCMC evaluation and whether a CCMC Evaluation Listing or Evaluation Report would be best suited for your needs.

Please read the following before completing and submitting an application:

All applicants must provide:

  • Technical data that is available, such as product technical literature, test results, acceptance or evaluations by other organizations in Canada and elsewhere, site monitoring and past experiences
  • A copy of the installation manual provided to contractors who install the product
  • A copy of the quality control manual used in the manufacturing plant.

Please complete the Application Form and submit it to us, along with any additional information you feel we should have on your product.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will send you either a contract proposal outlining the statement of work and the applicable fees, or an invoice.

Important: Incomplete application forms with missing information may delay the evaluation.


The above information can be forwarded to CCMC by mail or fax.

Canadian Construction Materials Centre
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6

Telephone: 613-993-6189
Fax: 613-952-0268

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