Thesis status for student observing proposals

The data acquired as part of an accepted observing proposal for CFHT or Gemini is subject to a proprietary period that ranges from 12 to 18 months. This period is relatively short compared to the typical time taken to complete an MSc or even a PhD thesis. Therefore, while it is possible for any PI to request an extension to the nominal proprietary period, CanTAC strongly supports proprietary extensions for meritorious proposals tightly tied to a thesis project.

At their May 2012 meeting CanTAC passed the following resolution: “Thesis status is a privilege granted by CanTAC upon request by a student PI completing a graduate degree at a Canadian institution whose thesis depends critically upon the requested observations.  Thesis status normally guarantees an increase in the proprietary period to a total duration of 3 years (PhD) or 2 years (MSc).  CanTAC will not normally approve an extension that lasts more than 6 months after the nominal date of degree completion.    A letter of support from the supervisor describing the role of the proposed observations in the student’s thesis must be sent to the CanTAC technical secretary when the proposal is submitted.”

In order to request thesis status for an observing proposal please send the following information to the CanTAC Technical Secretary ( within one week of the proposal deadline:

  1. Name of student and university
  2. Degree being sought and expected date of completion
  3. Name of thesis supervisor (and university if different than student’s)
  4. Telescope(s) to which proposals were submitted
  5. Proposal(s) title(s)
  6. Description of the role of the proposed observations in the student’s thesis
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