Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre

In collaboration with strategic partners, the Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre engages key players across Canada's innovation system to build the emerging technology platforms that will sustain Canada's industrial competitiveness.

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Research programs

Technology licensing

Technical and advisory services

  • Nano-materials design (made-to-measure properties), formulation, fabrication and testing, plus full chemical and physical analyses and characterization.
  • Pilot processes for nano-composites with a wide range of matrix materials.
  • Nano-device design, incorporating made-to-measure nano-materials into electronic and optical devices.
  • Electron microscopy services.
  • Advanced microscopy, including, ultra-short pulse CARS microscopy
  • Ultra-fast laser system design, including femto-second and attosecond sources and measurement systems.
  • Fibre-based measurement, including fibre Bragg gratings in extreme environments.
  • Quantum cyber security solutions for ultra-secure IT data and networks

Why work with us

Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart
Director General

Technology areas such as nanotechnology, quantum technologies and the convergence of nano-, bio- and information technologies are revolutionizing industries across the world by providing new platforms that can be applied in a wide range of industries. By working with key collaborators in both industry and in other research organisations, we accelerate the development of new technologies to help clients bring innovations to market ahead of the curve.

We validate technologies to ensure they are robust and manufacturable, reducing risk and lead time to turn innovation into products. And we often work with defence and security partners as early adopters of disruptive technologies, allowing them to be refined and proven before they can be adopted more broadly and replace existing technologies. Focusing on medium and long-range initiatives, we translate global science and engineering advances into validated technology opportunities for Canadian industry.

The Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre offers not only scientific and engineering expertise but also access to prototyping facilities and to design and integration expertise. Our multi-disciplinary teams offer fresh thinking on your challenges - working together with you toward a marketable result. Our world-class facilities are managed by full-time experts, who can handle a wide variety of applications.

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