Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre

The NRC's Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre supports a broad cross section of industry sectors by developing creative and practical solutions to engineering challenges in rivers, lakes and marine environments. We provide expertise and tools to identify, adapt, and integrate advanced solutions into systems that improve the performance and safety of ocean, coastal, and marine operations, meet the challenges of climate change, and protect infrastructure, property and people from severe weather events and other environmental risks.

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Services and information

Technical and advisory services

  • Marine performance, evaluation and optimization services
    • Ocean energy technologies
    • Wave and turbulence modelling
    • Operability (fuel consumption, emission abatement)
    • Sea-keeping, resistance and propulsion
    • Operation in harsh environments engineering & human factors
    • Ship model correlation
    • Model and full scale trials
    • Ports and harbours
    • Offshore oil and gas facilities
    • Coastal structures and developments
  • Ice technologies and services
  • Water resources modelling services
    • Hydrological modelling
    • Hydraulic and hydrodynamic modelling
    • Water quality modelling
    • Hydro energy resource assessment
    • Environmental decision support systems
    • Water resources data integration

Technology licensing

Why work with us

David Murrin

David Murrin
Director General

Building on our competencies of physical and numerical modelling, our team of over 90 professionals has extensive experience in advanced engineering and complex ocean, coastal and river environments. Our know-how around ice and wave conditions on ships, structures and other marine-based assets predict and improve performance, offering solutions that reduce risk and improve operability.

The multidisciplinary nature of the NRC links ocean, coastal and river engineering activities to other key sectors, including oil and gas, transportation, environment, renewable energy and security. The broad spectrum of disciplines available across our organization leads to a cross-sector pollination of ideas creating innovative engineering solutions to move technologies forward.

The Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre's strengths reside with its people. Our scientists, engineers and technologists employ world-class model test facilities, numerical modelling tools and field investigations to arrive at technology solutions and innovations. Our products and services give Canadian industry an international market advantage by reducing risk and improving the longevity and performance of marine based assets.

Including us early in your technology development effort can potentially reduce the overall cost to market. Our unique expertise and comprehensive tools and facilities combined with customizable service options and high ethical standards make us an ideal partner to support your vision.

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