Accurate measurement underpins industrial success across all sectors of the economy. It is therefore essential to mobilize highly credible metrology infrastructure and intelligence. The NRC's Metrology Research Centre meets this demand with world-class facilities, technologies and staff, tackling challenges in innovation and providing first-rate metrology capabilities.


At the Metrology Research Centre, our established business practices and longstanding credibility make it straightforward for clients to work with us on their current and evolving needs. We are uniquely qualified to conduct measurement research and provide metrological services, helping to build relationships across industry and government to ensure that we are able to effectively and efficiently serve the marketplace.

The Metrology Research Centre addresses a number of market segments through a suite of mutually reinforcing initiatives:

Each of these initiatives is designed to work together to deliver scientific solutions for a very broad spectrum of applications with a large variation in maturity and market penetration.

The NRC advantage

As Canada's national metrology institute, the NRC is universally respected for providing trusted measurement science advice and technical services to government and industrial clients. In this way, we ensure the basis for fair trade and commerce, enhancing societal well-being and enabling innovation through evolving and emerging technologies that rely on precision measurement.

We offer a number of services, including biotoxin, inorganic and organic certified reference materials, glow discharge mass spectrometry analysis, instrument calibration and laboratory assessment for those implementing a quality system. We're also responsible for Canada's time signal, operating the precision clocks that inform communication networks throughout the country.

We provide calibration services to cancer clinics to ensure that patients receive accurate radiation doses. We provide high-accuracy measurements of the colour and appearance of a wide variety of materials to ensure the quality and acceptability of manufactured goods including new materials, such as gonioapparent and fluorescent materials used in the automotive, paper, textile and printing industries. And we work with Canadian and international power generation and distribution companies to calibrate power transformers, cables and sources to enable an efficient power grid.

Metrology Research Centre services benefit scientists and researchers in any industry where high-precision measurement is critical for market success. Clients come to us for chemical metrology, electrical metrology, ionizing radiation standards, mechanical metrology, electrical power measurements, frequency and time, biotoxin metrology, and photometry, radiometry and thermometry. We have newly developed capabilities in the emerging areas nanoscale measurements and black carbon emission metrology.

Working with us

For nearly a century, NRC has been a leader in the world of metrology. Our innovative technology and high-performance laboratories have enabled us to compete with the top minds in the industry, and to conduct frontier research in emerging sectors that have low technology readiness levels. Our staff, including Canada's Chief Metrologist, offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Metrology Research Centre clients rely on us for accurate, traceable measurements that define the national standard, in line with international requirements. Our metrology services play a crucial role in the welfare of society, and are integral to successful innovation in areas such as interoperability, waste reduction, standards compliance, citizenry protection, fair and efficient commerce, and trade facilitation.

NRC's world-class research infrastructure and unique expertise, combined with, customizable service options and high ethical standards, make us the ideal partner to support your vision with innovative services and solutions.


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