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The NRC's Medical Devices Research Centre supports Canadian medical device companies in their quest for new sources of productivity, competitive advantage and growth by providing customized research and technology solutions. We help our clients develop small, low cost innovative medical technologies that provide rapid, sensitive, accurate and low-cost solutions aimed at saving lives, reducing the health care burden and stimulating economic opportunities for Canada.

We will help you maximize opportunities to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization of products, enabling the development of products and processes that reduce variability and meet critical quality requirements with the least amount of time, resources and costs expended and generate sales for our clients.


The NRC advantage

The Medical Devices Research Centre's business services are continually evolving to answer our clients' needs and provide made-to-order R&D solutions. We offer direct access to advanced scientific infrastructure and expertise in medical diagnostic technology development. Our technical and advisory services include:

  • fee-for-service testing of products and prototypes
  • pre-clinical and clinical validation
  • assistance with developing research protocols involving research ethics boards
  • market intelligence
  • device development
  • design and planning for manufacturability
  • assistance with medical devices regulatory processes
  • research consultation and commercialization expertise

Our partners span the entire healthcare value chain including:

  • Canadian medical device companies
  • all levels of government
  • healthcare stakeholders, such as clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare administrators.

Whether you are introducing a new, potentially disruptive technology or seeking to reinvigorate existing but previously underutilzed products, our fee-for-service solutions are personalized with an invested and aligned interest to your technical, regulatory and business needs.

Working with us

NRC's wide-ranging scientific and technical expertise and state-of the-art facilities can help bring new technologies to the marketplace by offering customized, innovative and sustainable research and technology development (R&TD) solutions for medical device clients.

We operate a wide variety of R&D facilities in biosensors/biochips, functional nanomaterials and microdevices, in vitro diagnostics, biophotonics, radio frequency (rf) electronics, and medical simulation technologies that can be leveraged by industry to develop new medical device concepts or make a novel improvement on an existing product. The next generation of advanced medical diagnostics will involve integration of an array of components, spanning beyond traditional medical devices to include lasers, waveguides, nanoscale devices, genomic, proteomics, metabolomics, and telecommunication technologies, to name a few.

As importantly, our scientific and technical staff, which includes researchers, technicians, engineers and business specialists, bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table to meet industry needs.

The Medical Devices Research Centre is also a gateway to the vast array of multidisciplinary services and facilities that comprise the many facets of the National Research Council across Canada. Access to specialized expertise in key sectors, such as ICT, printed electronics, energy, agriculture and human health therapeutics, encourages innovation and facilitates creative solutions to R&TD problems.

As solutions are translated from ideas to leading-edge technologies, Canadian medical device clients can take full advantage of our research excellence, world-class scientific infrastructure and commercialization expertise to develop their unique and innovated technologies and have a positive impact on the global medical device industry.

Collaboration opportunities

In the medical device industry, the path from research and innovation to device development is both complex and difficult to navigate, as regulatory requirements are more stringent, quality more critical and prices more disputed. To succeed, medical device companies must examine the entire product life-cycle and develop a focused approach to product development. Regardless of where your medical device product is in the commercialization process, the Medical Devices Research Centre can assist you in moving your innovation to the market. Throughout our relationship, we will continue to understand your unique needs, meet your specific requirements, and deliver products and services that best address your particular problem.


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