Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre

The NRC's Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre works hand in hand with industry to help biotech firms achieve success and save costs. As an R&D partner of choice, the NRC's Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre de‑risks critical steps in the development of biologics, vaccines, and delivery of large molecules to the brain, to help improve the health of Canadians. We add value to collaborators' products and accelerate their progress to market by overcoming challenges in preclinical and early clinical development, expanding product characterization, optimizing bioprocesses and their scale-up, and developing biomarkers.

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Why work with us

Bernard Massie

Bernard Massie
Director General (acting)

When you work with us, you have many advantages at your fingertips:

  • The largest biologics‑dedicated R&D team in Canada
  • Expert involvement from target selection to cGMP‑like bioprocesses
  • An experienced team with a track record of satisfied biopharma industry clients
  • High‑caliber packages of technologies ready to licence
  • Integrated resources throughout the NRC offering access to a wide range of capabilities

While we work with firms of all sizes, these resources make us an especially attractive partner for small- and medium‑sized enterprises, who frequently adopt a virtual wet laboratory model and have limited capacity to invest in research and development.

A globally recognized leader in the field of biologics and vaccine development, we offer our collaborators access to a highly qualified research team that can deliver first rate results while maintaining confidentiality. Through R&D services, collaborations, and licences, our clients can access "à la carte" expertise or collaborate with us for co‑development opportunities. We also transfer large molecule assets, bioprocessing solutions and other enabling technologies to our industrial clients to reinforce a strong, prosperous Canadian biomanufacturing sector with global impact.

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