From discovery to development, NRC offers the tools and expertise to help biotechs produce their biologics and vaccines. Starting with shakers, wave bags, and microreactors at the bench, our teams can produce thousands of protein variants per year for high-throughput screening. Once a lead is selected, our experts can develop custom clones and processes, scale them up in our cell culture and microbial fermentation pilot plants, purify and analyze the material for preclinical proof-of-concept studies, and provide documentation and quality assurance. We transfer our expression systems, manufacturing processes and release analytics to cGMP-certified manufacturers to stimulate a strong biomanufacturing sector in Canada.

R&D expertise


Yves Durocher
Section Head, Mammalian Cell Expression
Telephone: 514-496-6192

Rénald Gilbert
Team Leader, Viral Vector Production
Telephone: 514-496-5308

Frank Van Lier
Section Head, Process Development and Scale-Up
Telephone: 514-496-8469

Donald Paquette
Section Head, Purification Quality Attributes and Characterization
Telephone: 514-496-6317

Supplemental content

Case study

NRC played an instrumental role in scaling up the primary production and developing the downstream processing of REOLYSIN®, an oncolytic virus being developed by Oncolytics Biotech as a novel cancer therapeutic. REOLYSIN® is currently undergoing Phase 3 trials for head and neck cancer. It is also in various stages of Phase 1 and 2 trials for other indications including breast, lung and pancreatic cancer.

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