Energy, mining and environment

The NRC Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre delivers advanced technology solutions to Canada's resource and utility sectors. Our unique technology risk management capabilities help companies develop and maintain a globally competitive position, and support quality improvements and cost reductions for vital products and services delivered to Canadians.

We take a long-term view of industry needs and challenges, working with clients and stakeholders to identify the outcomes that will drive our research and technology focus. We apply this focus with multi-year plans that deploy a critical mass of expertise in strategic areas of investment such as electric energy storage and environmental risk management, adapting capabilities as necessary to meet shorter-term market needs.


The NRC Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre works with clients and stakeholders along the value chain to tackle complex problems through targeted initiatives including:

  • Bioenergy Systems for Viable Stationary Applications
    Integrating bioenergy into Canada's energy supply mix by producing economic biofuels and by adapting conventional industrial power and heating equipment (gas turbines, diesel generators, and boilers) to be biofuel flexible.
  • Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization
    Developing energy storage technologies that offer a good business proposition to electrical utilities and independent power producers.
  • High Efficiency Mining
    Reducing costs and increasing efficiency of mining and mineral recovery and processing, including low grade ore and reduced wear and corrosion of rock handling equipment.
  • Environmental Advances in Mining
    Reducing environmental costs and liabilities by avoiding harm and accelerating remediation while increasing Canadian mining supply chain market share by de-risking technology development and deployment.

The NRC advantage

The NRC's wide-ranging expertise and extensive national and international research and business networks enable clients to manage the risks of adopting globally-competitive, practical technology solutions.

Our clients are companies in the mining, oil and gas and environment sectors as well as utilities and independent power producers and their supply chains. We work with the spectrum of renewable and emerging energy technology developers, including bioenergy, wind, solar, hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries. We connect producers to end users, working with suppliers and manufacturers to facilitate quick deployment and systems-level integration. We also provide research, testing and demonstration services to government agencies and labs to support the development of public policy and regulations.

We are flexible in our business arrangements to best meet specific client needs. This can range from fee-for-service testing or research contracts to collaborative strategic R&D. We also establish multi-client projects and consortia to connect suppliers and end-users, and channel multi-partner R&D funding and capacity towards targeted innovation goals. Whatever the business arrangement, we deliver industry-driven research and problem-solving, bringing deep multidisciplinary capabilities to the development of value-added products and more effective processes.

Working with us

We are a national organization that attracts the world's best and brightest, with a proven track record developing and transferring breakthrough technology to industry. Working with us gives you access to specialized labs and expertise across the country, where we work collaboratively to apply world-class competencies in electrochemistry, materials science, modeling and simulation, molecular biology, chemical and mechanical engineering, and many other disciplines. Our collaborative approach also lets us apply our insight and understanding of adjacent markets, such as transportation, construction and defence, to benefit NRC Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre clients.

Collaboration also lets us draw on extensive research networks across Canada and internationally to meet your demanding technology development and deployment challenges. We engage government departments and other public and private research and technology organizations, including universities, in strategic industry-driven initiatives to help us channel R&D resources towards your priorities. This expands your access to highly qualified people and critical research infrastructure in specialized areas. These networks give us flexibility to mobilize a critical mass of expertise towards targeted innovation goals that yield clear economic and environmental benefits for Canada.

We also have business experts to complement our applied research, engineering and technical skills to help clients take ideas out of the lab and into the field. We work with you to ensure technology is developed with the market needs in mind. We work nationally and internationally and can advise you in all leading aspects of scientific and technical endeavour from the microstructural, to the component and systems levels. This facilitates technology integration and compliance with regulatory codes and standards, speeds innovation and helps you get your products to world markets faster.


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