Construction in Canada is a strong indicator of the country's economic strength. It is a $171 billion industry that employs 1.24 million, and consumes 40 % of the country's energy and 50 % of its primary resources. To remain vital, the construction industry is demanding better, safer, energy-efficient and more affordable construction materials and technology.

To this end, the NRC Construction Research Centre provides clients with an integrated innovation and business environment sustained by focused strategic research and technical expertise, in addition to access to world-class facilities for full-scale validations and commercialization services.

The NRC Construction Research Centre is active in the innovation of buildings — residential, commercial and institutional — as well as in civil engineering infrastructure. In collaboration with stakeholders and clients, we support the industry by

  • Developing and validating cost-effective technologies and solutions,
  • Developing and deploying national model building codes and regulations, and
  • Providing evaluations for new products and market access services.


The NRC Construction Research Centre provides cost-effective research- and technology-based solutions to Canada's construction industry related to the design, manufacture, performance and maintenance of materials and structures. We help bridge the gap between research and industrial commercialization. Our efforts are focused on market-driven needs that address the industry's performance improvement requirements.

The NRC advantage

The NRC Construction Research Centre focuses on advancing construction technology in the core areas of building envelope and materials, fire safety, indoor environment, intelligent building operations, urban infrastructure, and building regulations.

We work with all players on the industry's supply chain, from building and infrastructure owners, to manufacturers and designers, builders and contractors, industry associations, other government departments, and regulatory authorities to identify needs and set mission-oriented projects. Because of this impartial and integrated function, our stakeholders turn to us for innovative solutions so they in turn can commercialize and utilize new technologies.

We engage in multiple forms of collaborations to deliver product development and evaluation, demonstrations and validations, standardized testing, and model codes development. We also offer a number of technical services that include fee-for-service testing, calibration and consulting support.

We provide access to the most up-to-date information on construction technology through a number of venues, one of which is our newsletter Construction Innovation.

Working with us

For over 65 years, the NRC Construction Research Centre has been providing a competitive advantage to the Canadian construction industry. We have long been recognized for our impartiality and technical credibility. Through a multi-disciplinary approach we draw on our expertise and experience, and bring together national services, such as the Canadian Construction Materials Centre and Codes Canada, world-class laboratories, focused strategic research and development, and flexible business arrangements.

We provide a technology development and deployment business environment, covering not only the construction sector but also others, such as aerospace, transportation, and information and communications technology. Our clients have access to NRC's broad spectrum of disciplines and activities, allowing for more rapid technology advances.

Our world-class research facilities combined with our expertise and customized technical and advisory services, make the NRC Construction Research Centre an important resource for construction innovation.


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