Aquatic and crop resource development

Canada's reliance on natural resources — from our vast lands and our many waterways — has supported much of the economy through the centuries and still does so today. Natural resources continue to play an important part in Canada's bio-economy and NRC helps develop and optimize higher-end products from these resources. Together, we transform Canada's bio-based resources beyond commodity foods to provide value-added and sustainable products that offer economic benefits and competitive advantages in global markets.

The NRC advantage

The NRC's Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre helps clients to sustainably convert Canada's natural resources into products while protecting the environment and Canadians' futures, and ensuring economic benefits. We work directly with clients to realize technological advances with aquatic and crop resources destined for natural health products, foods and beverages, fibres, bioenergy, bioremediation, bio-based chemicals and other bio-product sectors. Whether your products are derived from oilseeds, seafood, fruits, algae, grains or biomass waste, our team can contribute to your success.

Our solution-driven team of researchers and technicians provide you with the right mix of our technical services, technology development support, collaborative research arrangements, licensing opportunities, credible scientific advice and access to specialized facilities. We help Canadian companies efficiently transform our country's bio-based resources into sustainable, value-added products.

Programs and collaboration opportunities

We have proven accomplishments with industry partners ranging from small to large Canadian companies, supporting technological advances in aquatic and crop resources destined for natural health products, foods and beverages, bio-based chemicals, and other bio-product sectors. Our areas of expertise range from oilseeds, fruits, algae, grains and biomass waste, and specialized programs include:

Working with us

Your investors, partners and clients want you to deliver competitive, cost-effective, safe, renewable and innovative products. Delivering your ideas and products from the lab to the marketplace will take numerous resources to overcome technical hurdles, so consider us an extension of your team.

Our team of biochemists, geneticists, analytical chemists, toxicologist, molecular biologists, expert technicians and more are at your disposal. You may also benefit from our colleagues in Engineering, Emerging Technologies, and Human Health Therapeutics research divisions, our connections to other R&D and regulatory organizations, as well as private sector partners. We apply our expertise and put our facilities to work to help strengthen Canada's economic position by growing global market share for Canadian industry.


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