Canada's aerospace industry is vibrant, innovative and complex, with a rich history and elite reputation on a global stage. The NRC's Aerospace Research Centre supports this important industry with facilities, expertise and industry foresight that result in a constant stream of fresh ideas, new technologies, and the development and demonstration of products and processes that target the market challenges faced by the Canadian and global aeronautics and space sectors.


The NRC's Aerospace Research Centre conducts research and technology development (R&TD) across the full spectrum of issues related to the design, manufacture, qualification, performance, use and maintenance of air and space vehicles. This work covers all of the major concerns in aerospace—cost, weight, safety, and most recently, environmental footprint.

The development and delivery of demonstrated technologies into the aerospace market can best be achieved by combining expertise and resources, and maximizing opportunities for Canadian companies at all levels of the supply chain. In this respect, the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre plays a critical role in supporting its collaborators bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization and facilitating the introduction of new technologies into both civilian and military markets.

We are here to assist you in providing technology solutions for the following market segments:

The NRC advantage

The NRC's Aerospace Research Centre focuses on advancing aerospace research and technology developments in the core areas of aerodynamics, flight research, gas turbines, structures and materials, and manufacturing. We offer a number of research and technical services that include fee-for-service testing, calibration and consulting support. We also develop and transfer technologies through consortia, collaborative research agreements and licensing arrangements, tailoring business opportunities to the needs of individual clients and licensees.

In the midst of profound changes to the structure of the global aerospace supply chain and a worldwide race to design and manufacture the next generation of aircraft, the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre offers many strategic advantages to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as other government departments, universities and research and technology organizations.

We know that a critical enabler for the commercialization of new technologies includes the much needed technology demonstration platforms and facilities to bridge the "valley of death" – the gap in technology readiness that exists between universities and industry. To that end, we offer our clients unique opportunities to participate in large-scale technology demonstration projects, creating important links between players across the Canadian supply chain and ensuring that Canadian companies remain competitive as the industry transitions from current aircraft into radically new aircraft platforms.

Working with us

The NRC's Aerospace Research Centre has a long history of conducting research, performing technical services and developing technology solutions to support the Canadian aerospace industry. Our national facilities provide cost-effective platforms to test, de-risk, validate and demonstrate new technologies while our industry connections help ensure that Canadian companies remain competitive in a global market.

Our clients come from all over the world to tap into our extensive pool of highly sought after and specialized staff that includes technical experts, researchers, test pilots, atmospheric scientists, aerodynamicists, structural dynamicists, physicists, metallurgists, software designers, instrumentation and signal analysis specialists, icing experts, programmers, and engineers in the fields of aerospace, airworthiness, chemistry, structures, materials, systems, manufacturing automation and human factors.

We operate within a multidisciplinary organization that can link aerospace activities to other key sectors including construction, surface transportation, energy, agriculture, and security and disruptive technologies, to name a few. The broad spectrum of disciplines across NRC can help move technologies forward, and the exchange of ideas between areas of research within the same organization allows for rapid technological advancements in new and exciting sectors.

Our world-class research infrastructure and unique expertise combined with competitive rates, customizable service options and high ethical standards make us the ideal partner to support your vision with innovative services and solutions.


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