Bioenergy Perspectives

Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA)

Leveraging NRC's knowledge and expertise in technology and innovation, this comprehensive tool helps organizations make the most profitable decision for their energy needs.
Identify the right technology for your situation, using a TEA analysis.

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Generation Energy

How can we meet Canada's climate goals, create jobs, and keep energy affordable? NRCan wants you to help define it.

Be a part of writing the next chapter in Canada's energy story.

Building relationships to foster collaboration

From August 6 – 8, 2017, join our bioenergy experts at the Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology to learn more on building a great science, technology, and innovation (ST&I) cooperation for future success.

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Improving biogas production by using pre-treatment of organic biosolids

A Quebec municipality recently utilized NRC expertise to successfully implement a new, highly efficient method of treating their biosolids. The method harnesses latent energy to substantially reduce both the volume of biosolids and disposal costs.

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Collaborate with us

Find solutions to your specific technical needs and industry challenges. Work with us to create:

Developing customized solutions for highly efficient gas turbine engines

Gas turbine original engine manufacturers (OEMs) have been collaborating with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) for last few decades to develop innovative technologies, leveraging the NRC's unique, world-class research facilities and expertise.

Biomass conversion into usable energy is achieved through power systems such as reciprocating engines, gas turbines and boilers. Developing clean and highly efficient power systems is key to enhance utilization of bioenergy. Gas turbines, which can run on a wide variety of fuels, provide clean, high power-to-weight ratio, reliable, and flexible combustion. These features make gas turbines an ideal platform for bioenergy.

Opportunities for collaboration

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We are currently looking for new partners across the bioenergy supply chain.

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Guy Le Houillier, Client Relationship Leader
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We will be attending these events and more. Will you be there? Let's connect.

Turbo Expo
Charlotte, NC USA

BioWorld Congress
Montreal, QC

Did you know?

Canada is last of the G7 countries for renewable power from waste with 1,4 MW/M population, behind USA at 3,5 and Germany leading the way at 23,8. There is room for us to improve!

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