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Loansome Doc is a document ordering feature that allows users to request articles found using PubMed from a library which participates in DOCLINE. The library receives the request electronically through DOCLINE. Loansome Doc allows the receiving library to either fill the request from its own collection, if possible, or put the request directly into DOCLINE to be filled as an interlibrary loan.

Loansome Doc can save both library staff and library users time and effort by reducing the need for in-person visits, repetition of information, and paperwork.

Each DOCLINE participant may elect to offer Loansome Doc service. Each library sets its own policies as to the nature of the service it offers, including which user groups may use the service and under what conditions.

Information for Loansome Doc users

Ordering from other libraries via Loansome Doc

If you want to use Loansome Doc to order articles, you will need to find a library that will provide you with Loansome Doc service. If you are affiliated with a hospital or university library, you may want to inquire if it offers Loansome Doc service. NRC's National Science Library will provide Loansome Doc service to users anywhere, regardless of affiliation.

When you have identified a library that is willing to provide Loansome Doc service, you should make sure that you understand any charges, conditions, or policies relating to Loansome Doc that your library implements. You will also need to create a Loansome Doc account in order to send Loansome Doc requests. In order to do this, you will need to know the library's six-letter DOCLINE library identifier (LIBID).

To register, go to the Loansome Doc registration page and follow the instructions. For more information about Loansome Doc registration, refer to the NLM's Loansome Doc Patrons Documentation.

Information for Loansome Doc libraries

Providing Loansome Doc services

If you have decided to offer Loansome Doc service to your users, there are a few procedures you will first have to complete. None of the procedures require the intervention of the National Science Library, but if you have any questions or problems, you can always contact the DOCLINE coordinator.

The steps required are as follows:

Step 1: develop a Loansome Doc policy

You should first make a few decisions regarding how you will offer Loansome Doc service. Some of the questions you might want to answer include:

  • Which user groups will you offer Loansome Doc?; Will you limit access affiliated users, or will you offer service to a wider audience?
  • Will you charge for Loansome Doc service?; If so, will you charge for all requests filled through Loansome Doc, or only for those that you forward into DOCLINE?
  • Will you use Loansome Doc only for interlibrary loans, or will you allow users to request articles held at your library?
  • What sort of training and support will you provide?
  • Will you require your users to register with the library as Loansome Doc users? If so, using what procedures?

Step 2: update your Institution record

From your DOCLINE account, access your Institution record and select Loansome Doc section. Check the box indicating that you are a Loansome Doc Provider. Next, indicate which groups you are going to provide Loansome Doc service to, and which of those groups you are going to charge for filling Loansome Doc requests by checking the boxes next to the appropriate categories. You will also need to input your delivery methods. If you wish to customize the display during registration of your Loansome Doc patrons, you can do so under the "Registration" section. Remember to save your changes.

This will list you as a Loansome Doc Provider and will allow Loansome Doc users to send you requests.

Step 3: inform your users

Inform your users that you are now offering Loansome Doc service and advise them of any procedures and policies you have put in place. You might require that your users to register with you before sending any Loansome Doc requests. In addition, inform users how to set up a Loansome Doc account with NLM. You should create a test account for yourself and practice sending Loansome Doc requests to your library. Users will need to be told your LIBID in order to register.

Information about how to create a Loansome Doc account can be found on the NLM Factsheet.

Managing Loansome Doc users

You can access a patron file of all of the Loansome Doc users who have registered with you as their primary ordering library. The patron file gives you access to the name and contact information for each user. You do not have access to the user's password. If the user has lost his or her password, you can reset it from the Loansome Doc patron record.

Each Loansome Doc patron record includes two fields which you can change: the affiliated and authorized patron fields.

If you offer service to both affiliated and unaffiliated users and if you distinguish between the two, for example, by charging unaffiliated users but not affiliated ones, then you should uncheck the affiliated patron field for all unaffiliated users. When an affiliated user sends you a Loansome Doc request, the request will indicate that the user is affiliated. If the user is unaffiliated, no such message will appear on the request.

If there is a user who has registered with your library who should not be sending you Loansome Doc requests, you can uncheck the authorized patron field for that user. This will prevent that user from sending you Loansome Doc requests.

Remember to save the patron record after changing either of these two fields.

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